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Rental LED Display Module P10 1RGB Full Color LED Advertising Display With Iron Cabinet

Rental LED Display Module P10 1RGB Full Color LED Advertising Display With Iron Cabinet

    • Rental LED Display Module P10 1RGB Full Color LED Advertising Display With Iron Cabinet
    • Rental LED Display Module P10 1RGB Full Color LED Advertising Display With Iron Cabinet
    • Rental LED Display Module P10 1RGB Full Color LED Advertising Display With Iron Cabinet
  • Rental LED Display Module P10 1RGB Full Color LED Advertising Display With Iron Cabinet

    Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

    Place of Origin: China ,Guang Dong
    Hàng hiệu: Shichuangxinke
    Chứng nhận: CE RoHS FCC CCC TUV UL
    Model Number: SCXK-P10

    Thanh toán:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 square meters
    Giá bán: USD +550-750 +square meters
    Packaging Details: wooden box flight case, wooden case, carton, it is up to you.
    Delivery Time: 7-10 working days after deposit payment received
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 5000sqm per month
    Liên hệ với bây giờ
    Chi tiết sản phẩm
    Độ phân giải / mm: 10 Cấu hình điểm ảnh: 1R1G1B
    Chế độ quét: 1/4 quét Kích thước mô-đun: 160x160MM
    Kích thước tủ: 960x960MM Giấy chứng nhận: CE RoHS FCC CCC UL
    ứng dụng: sân vận động, sân bay, trung tâm mua sắm, quảng cáo đường phố Vật chất: Nhôm
    Bảo hành: 3-5 tuổi

    rental Module P10 1RGB Full Color Advertising LED Display With Iron cabinet



    Quick Detail:

    1, High resolution at 10000pixels/㎡;
    2, LED Chips: Epistar high brightness;
    3, High brightness up to 7000cd/㎡;
    4, Power Supply: Meanwell;
    5, Control System: Linsn,Nova etc.


    1, P10 DIP LED display is high resolution for outdoor LED screens use;
    2, Large viewing angle at 140 degree horizontal and vertical;
    3, Eletronic digital sign P10 is being used more and more, as LED screens trend is high resolution.
    4, Clear and vivid advertising image and video;
    5, High contrast ratio at 1000:1 to present true and natural color LED screens;
    6, IP65 waterproof for outdoor use;


    Airport Full Color Indoor LED displays

    Train station Indoor Full Color LED Displays

    Entertainment Bar Indoor Full Color LED Screen

    Stadium Indoor Full Color LED Display

    Museum Full Color Indoor LED display

    Car exhibition LED display

    Conference room Indoor Full Color LED Video Display

    Shopping Mall Indoor Full Color LED display



    Specifications :


    outdoor DIP P10
    Resolution/mm 10
    Pixel configuration 1R1G1B
    Pixel density/pixels/m² 10000/m²
    Module resolution 32x16
    Module size/mm 160X160MM
    View distance 14-300m
    Single point brightness adjust Can be added
    Single point color adjust Can be added
    White balance brightness >7500cd/㎡
    Color temperature 6500K-9500K
    Horizontal view angle 120(degrees)
    Vertical view angle 60(degrees)
    Signal Process bit 10 or 16bit
    Grey process 1024x1024x1024 16834x16834x16834 65536x65536x65536
    Control distances Internet cable:100m, multimembrane:500m, monofilm:2km
    Driving mode Constant driving current
    Scanning mode 1/4 SCANNING
    Frame rate 60Hz
    Refresh frequency >3000Hz
    Control mode Computer synchronous
    Brightness adjusted range Manual, automatic operation, stepless continuous adjusted
    255 steps. No grey loss
    Out of control point <1/10000
    Working hours ≥72hours
    Mean Time Between Failure >5000hours
    Life time 100000hours
    Life-all-white(brightness halving) 50000hours
    Environment temperature range Operating temperature range: -20-45℃
    Self-check technology LED spot self-check, communications check, power check,
    temperature monitor(need customization)
    Remote monitoring Remote supervision and control, record potential fault,
    send out warning signs to the operators.(need customization)
    Software environment WindowsNT,Windows1999,WindowsXP
    Luminous point width between centres Deviation<3%
    Brightness uniformity <10%
    Color uniformity(chromaticity coordinate) ±0.003
    Power supply request AC85-264V(50Hz-60Hz)
    Contrast (1000:1)
    System protection Moistureproof,dustproof,high temperature protection,anti-corrosion,anti-burning,anti-static,anti-vibration
    Humidity(working) working:10-95%
    Humidity(storing) storing:10-95%




    Competitive advantages:

    1, P10 outdoor full color LED display uniform in brightness and color;
    2, Full color P10 LED screen is utilizing full black color LED chips;
    3, Indoor full color LED video screens contrast ratio up to 1000:1 to react real color of the content;
    4, Utilizing Sum driver IC to reach high refresh frequency and high grey grade;
    5, Large viewing angle at 140 degree horizontal and vertical;
    6, P10 LED display is of high resolution for indoor rental events that require high quality presentation and its cost is being lower for large size indoor LED screens use;



    ♦ Production process


    1) Incoming Inspection→2)DIP→3)Plug-in

    →4) Wave Soldering→5)After Welding→6)Testing

    →7) Semi Finished Aging→8)Module Assembly

    →9) Gluing→10)Finished Aging→11)Detection Finishing Warehousing



    ♦ Packaging and shipping


    Wooden case or flight case package are available.

    Shipping by sea,air or DHL,multiple shipping ways for your choice.



    ♦ Why choose us


    Continues Quality

    With more than 10 years experience in led display producing,equipments are updated regularly.What’s

    more,unique standardized and module production ensure our products continuous quality.


    Competitive Price

    With large scale production capacity and professional production technology,our company have built

    effective modular production.We always stick to promote the technical innovation and reduce cost to

    benefit customers.


    Fast Delivery

    Once we promise the delivery date,we will try our best to fulfill it.Special procedures such as emergency

    inventory will be used to maintain your uninterrupted supply of the products.


    Perfect Service

    Pre-sales:Your purchasing requirements will be highly valued and we’ll recommend suitable products to


    After-sales:We will track the products usage and then constantly perfect our products.



    ♦ Frequently Asked Questions


    What kind of payment terms you can accept ?

    We can accept T/T and Western Union.


    What about your Led Display quality ?

    Checking in the whole manufacturing process&100% inspection before shipment ensure the quality of

    our products continuity.


    What is your delivery time ?

    Within 7-35 days according to your area and quantity.


    Is your LED display competitive ?

    Yes,we are led display manufacturer for more than 10 years.Mass and professional production ensure

    our led display’s competitiveness.


    Rental LED Display Module P10 1RGB Full Color LED Advertising Display With Iron Cabinet

    Rental LED Display Module P10 1RGB Full Color LED Advertising Display With Iron Cabinet

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    Tel: +8613229859315

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