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Full Color P4.81 SMD Light Weight Seamless LED Display Sign Moving Board

Full Color P4.81 SMD Light Weight Seamless LED Display Sign Moving Board

    • Full Color P4.81 SMD Light Weight Seamless LED Display Sign Moving Board
    • Full Color P4.81 SMD Light Weight Seamless LED Display Sign Moving Board
  • Full Color P4.81 SMD Light Weight Seamless LED Display Sign Moving Board

    Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

    Place of Origin: ShenZhen in China
    Hàng hiệu: SCXK
    Chứng nhận: CE/ROHS/FCC/ISO/UL
    Model Number: P4.81

    Thanh toán:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
    Giá bán: negotiation
    Packaging Details: flight case, wooden case, carton, it is up to you.
    Delivery Time: 7-10 working days after receive your payment
    Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, D/P, T/T, L/C
    Supply Ability: 5000sqm per month
    Liên hệ với bây giờ
    Chi tiết sản phẩm
    Điểm ảnh: 4,81mm Chip màu: đầy đủ màu sắc
    Loại LED: SMD2121 Chức năng hiển thị: Video
    Chống thấm nước: IP65 Buồng: đúc chết / sắt
    MBI: 5024 góc nhìn: H: 100 V: 50
    khoảng cách xem tối ưu: > = 4m Vôn: DC5V
    độ sáng: hơn 3000cd / sáng tác pixel: 1 R1G1B
    Thông số LED: R: 625-630nm Mô-đun: 250 * 250mm
    buồng: 500 * 500mm


    Full color P4.81 SMD LED Display Sign moving board rental screen light weight seamless 3 year warranty



    [Specification of Outdoor LED Screen]

    Product Name P4.81mm SMD outdoor full color LED rental display
    Pixel Pitch
    Density /M²
    Cabient Size
    Cabient Weight


    Product Description
    Full Color P4.81 SMD Light Weight Seamless LED Display Sign Moving Board

    Assemble the LED cabinet

    Description :Pre-maintenance, magnetic suction.

    Aluminum metal box unit, light weight, good heat dissipation, quick and easy installation.

    Full Color P4.81 SMD Light Weight Seamless LED Display Sign Moving Board
    Full Color P4.81 SMD Light Weight Seamless LED Display Sign Moving Board

    Rental display back cover

    Description : Aluminum metal box internal structure close,LED dedicated power supply,LED dedicated control card.

    Rental screen external interface

    1.Knock pin

    2.Network line

    3.Bending handle


    5.Fast lock

    6.Door lock


    8.Power supply

    Full Color P4.81 SMD Light Weight Seamless LED Display Sign Moving Board

    Rental screen assembly

    Equipped with leased special type mounting bracket, easy assembly and disassembly, screen height and width can be any field assembly.

    P4.81mm SMD outdoor full color LED rental display

    Features of rental LED screen:

    1.pixel particles is the use of well-known brands in China, the use of gold wire package connection, showing clear color, long life.
    2. high power 5V LED dedicated power supply, energy saving, high conversion efficiency, can work in the high temperature environment.
    3. receiving control card is a well-known Chinese products, high gray, high refresh rate, video high-definition display realistic. With the LED rental screen to send video processor.
    4. aluminum metal box, enough thickness, can be permanently used is not easy to deformation, the box unit size can be customized.
    5 .Movable pallet and mounting brackets can be customized on demand.


    P4.81 SMD magnetic installation hot sale LED Display Sign moving board rental screen light weight seamless mounting

    Purchase AIENG LED rental screen over 100 square meters, can provide spare part.The number of spare spare parts is as follows. A removable transport box,a network cable, dedicated power cord control card, power supply, network connector power connector, etc.

    [Photos of Outdoor Stage&Event LED Screen] 


    full cabinet assambling


    Die casting aluminum indoor /Outdoor rental led display screen p3,p4,p5,p6,p8,p10 smd, !! led display Rental !!!



    p10 smd3535 led display screen advantage:


    1) High refresh rate , high brightness and high contrast which make the screen without any delay and smear phenomenon under directly sunlight.

    2)Energy saving:low electric current,high-bright lamps,equipped with PFC switching power supply that save 30% electricty.

    3)The brightness can be adjustable to meet the need of changing environment

    4)Wide viewing angle: The horizontal and vertical viewing angles are so wide that it is suitable for wide horizontal

    5)Environment protection, antistatic, dust-proof, good heat dissipation, cost-effective .


    6)Error detection and monitoring:it can monitorthe inner temperature,voltage,cooling fans etc and error detection automatically.

    7) High reliability: using distributed scanning technology and module design technology that make higher reliability and stability.

    8) Steady and reliable system:with strong anti-interference ability and long service life that can continually work for over 24 hours, and it’s easy to operate the system.

    9) Favorable effect: using dot to dot calibration technology makes the image clearer and the layering stronger

    10) Convenient installation and maintenance of display modules

    Q1: What's the pixel pitch for Outdoor Stage LED Display Screen?

    A1: Outdoor (6.67mm / 8mm/ 10mm)


    Q2: Where is it used for?

    A2: Indoor & rental use. Widely used for backdrop of staging event, rental business, liveshow, concert, etc.

    Q3: Can it play HD video?
    A3: Yes, it can realize HD video function with Novastar controlling system.


    Q4: What's the controlling system?

    A4: Our standard controlling system for this model is Novastar. Also support other controlling system, like Linsn, etc.


    Q5: How about the size of project?

    A5: Please offer the size with "width by height" of project. We wil offer the suitable solution for your project size. I will appreciate it if any drawing files about installation offered.

    Packaging & Shipping

    Full Color P4.81 SMD Light Weight Seamless LED Display Sign Moving Board

    1. We have built a professional customer service team, Our company will ensure the consistence of completion time and contracted time.

    2. Pre-sale service

    Projects Appraisal: Our sales team can be your technical adviser for free anytime; We are willing to provide the whole set of professional advice and blue prints, helping you better understand the project and realize what is the best scheme and solution for you.

    3. In-sale services

    Whole Journey Tracking: Once the order confirmed our sales will follow up the production process closely, make sure the customers' requirement is reached, and feedback to the customers timely, such as to update the latest production production progress, to provide the manufacturing pictures, packing pictures, shipping pictures and so on.

    4. After-sale services

    Quick Response & Timely Solutions: Our after-sales team is always ready to help customers solving their problem timely.

    Our Services
    Pre-sale service:
    1. Inquiries will be replied within 24 hours.
    2. Market research and forecast for customer.
    3. Provide unique and professional solutions based on customer's requirement.
    4. Data sheet and samples offered.
    5. Other requireed services such as special packing design, factory visiting and so on.

    In-sale service:
    1. Tracking producing procedures all the time.
    2. Provide photos and videos as per customer's requirement during production.
    3. Free spare parts provided.

    After-sale service:
    1. Complaint respond period not exceed 24 hours; maintenance guidance and problem solution supplied in 48 hours.
    2. Warranty: 24 months.
    3. Free technician training.
    4. Full set of documents free of charge, which including installation guidance, software operation manual, easy maintenance manual and control system software CD and so on.

    We build what you can rely on !

    Hope we can further together and work together



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    Tel: +8613530901567

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